Diploma in Extended Diploma in Health Coaching and Applied Nutrition

An island which is one of the best study abroad destinations located in the Mediterranean Sea is called as Malta. Malta is a marvellous studying location for learners who wish to study in a country with amazing features like gorgeous architecture and delightful hospitality. Plethora of educational institutes is in connection with Malta who sends students to their dream destinations of expanding knowledge. Malta also has the most respected educational universities in the world. One of the best subjects to study in Malta is Extended Diploma in Health Coaching and Applied Nutrition. Extended Diploma in Health Coaching and Applied Nutrition course makes the students aware of health and nutrition industry. Studying this diploma provides excellent prospects and opportunities to work in some of the most prestigious companies/groups. The main goal of this diploma is to get you ready for health care industry.

Why Diploma in Malta

  • Malta has wonderful weather
  • The cuisine is fantastic
  • Malta has both Maltese and English as its official languages
  • Malta is low budget country
  • Malta is a very safe country

Diploma Overview Level 7

This qualification has been created to develop and recognise the health coaches of today and the future, and to continue to bring recognition and professionalism to the health coaching and nutrition sectors. The Level 7 Extended Diploma in Health Coaching and Applied Nutrition is designed for learners with an advanced qualification that supports their development as coaches within the health and nutrition industry.

This qualification aims to meet your needs by:

  • Provide learners with language skills, listening skills and the opportunity of being with another as a means to encourage and free clients to attempt health generating changes
  • Enable learners to demonstrate proficiency in working from a comprehensive health history to design and implement personalised plans with clients
  • Enable learners to demonstrate the skills needed to inspire accountability in their clients to adhere to goals
  • Enable learners to demonstrate proficiency in question posing as a means to develop client self-awareness
  • Enable learners to demonstrate proficiency in active, reflective and empathetic listening skills
  • Teach learners to understand behaviour change and to demonstrate application in motivating others
  • Enable learners to demonstrate a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities and an adherence to ethical principles of the profession.

Study Units

  • Health and Nutrition I – Role of Health Coaching and CAM
  • Health and Nutrition II – Nutrition and Health Coach Practice
  • Wellness
  • Contemporary and Community Health Issues
  • Health Coaching I
  • Health Coaching II – Behavioural Changes and Evidence-based Coaching
  • Adult Education
  • Practice Management
  • Health Coach Ethics
  • Professional Communication
  • Capstone Research and Project
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