Malta is a small mountain archipelago, located in the centre of the Mediterranean between Europe and North Africa. Malta is one of those nations who has the most remarkable success stories in the Eurozone. The capital of Malta is Valletta the official languages are Maltese and English. This Country is famous for its sensational architecture, glorious festivals and stunning landscapes. With its pleasant climate, gorgeous culture and English as one of its official languages, Malta has become one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations and a great place for students wanting to expand their knowledge.

Malta Capital: Valletta Malta Currency: Euro Malta Official Language: Maltese & English Malta Population: 4.95 Lakhs Malta Weather: Average Temperature 12ºC to 23º C Malta Religion: Roman Catholic (over 90% of the population) Malta Telephony Country Code: +356 Malta Driving Style: Drive on the Left-Hand side on the road Malta Education: One of the world class and cheapest education for International students

Malta depends on foreign trades and given by its location, its trades are with the European Union, Asia and the US. Its technology is quite high and has fascinated great companies like Lufthansa Technik and Dubai’s Tecom. Malta has outstanding economy with favourable tax rates and an excellentclimate, the combination looks perfectif wish to start a business.

Myriad Nations and kings have fought wars, trying to take control over Malta. Malta was under the rule of British for over 150 years before their independence. Although Malta has a deep history, the Island does have a modern outlook, not only in its appearance but also in the terms of its hospitality to welcome foreign students who choose Malta of further studies. One of the unique features for the students who can provide sufficient proof of their English language ability, they can study in Malta without PTE or IELTS.

The Summers in Malta are dry and warm; the winters are short and cool. Students who opt for Malta for their further studies are certain to not just have a splendid time on their breaks, relaxing on the beach, but also when they are busy studying.

There is a total of 14 public holidays in Malta, some of them are Good Friday, Freedom day, labor day, Independence day and many others.

In nutshell, students who choose Malta as their study abroad destination are guarantee of Quality education.

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