There is plethora of reasons why people get attracted to this tiny nation for needs of education. One of the reasons is that it has the uniqueness that is typical of many, as an Island. This uniqueness, when combined with some exceptional features that are listed below, lead the Island with a delightful future of quality education.

Member of the European Union Part of Schengen Countries Visa Free Countries with Malta Passport - freedom of travel to 182 countries English Speaking Country Malta official currency Euro Mediterranean weather is year-round The Maltese are renowned for their hospitality, friendliness, and generosity Employment Rate: 97% Average salary Euro 700 to 1200 High quality of life Maltese public-school system models its inspiration from the British educational system. In Malta, all children between 4-16 years old have the right to free education that includes books, school materials, and transportation. IELTS / PTE optional 10+ years GAP accepted Tuition Fee after visa Any country refusal accepted TRP / TRC within 2 months One 1 day old funds (show money/living expense)

Malta offers more than 200 courses. These are adapted to gather international students and they are tough English

One of the rarest features of Malta, is when a student decides to study in the country then there are courses like agriculture, forestry and fishery, education and teaching and tourism and leisure, Social and behavioural sciences which are offered by only a few universities around the world.

The average living expenses of Malta Students range from 300 to 600 Euros a month, which is compared to be quite less from other sectors of education.

Malta believes it is never to young or never to old to travel to their nation. Therefore, they look at study visa not just as something academic but something quite practical. Malta invites 8-year olds to summer camps on Island and they also welcome 80-year olds.

The Maltese have their expertise in English, even 50-years after their independence from the British.

One of the unique features of Malta is the acceptance of a third country’s language which is taught to make the inhabitant comfortable.

In the view of all the points above, it becomes necessary for a student to choose Malta as their academic destination.

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