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Malta has continued to grow and develop as an economically powerful nation. As a popular vacationer site along with a participant in foreign trade and manufacturing activities, this country has a great potential to grow. Additionally, it is recognized for its financially for its sound banking sector and low debit-to-GDP ratio. There are also plans to implement strategies to rise the government revenues and foreign funds. Study MBA in Malta

we can offer our top up program to our students through mentioned below British and American state Universities at MX Institute.


  • High Salary Potential
  • Strong networking opportunities
  • Develop management and analytical abilities that are sought after by employers internationally
  • Competitive edge for career development


The objective of OTHM Level 7 and 7± (top¬up) degree in Strategic Management and leadership qualifications is to grow

Successful completion of the Level 7 and 7+ (top-up) Degree in Strategic Management and Leadership qualification is to grow strategic management and leadership skills for managers who have the authority plus personal qualities to translate the organizational plans into effective operational performance. This qualification reflects current practice in Strategic Management and Leadership and accepts learners to develop their high level of understanding of strategic management in the workplace. This qualification is suitable for mature students with a background in academic study or industry. The experience has a clear work-related emphasis on practical skills development alongside theological fundamentals.

Successful completion of level 7 and 7± + (top-up) degree in strategic management and leadership qualifications will equip learners with the crucial skills and capabilities to become an effective strategic manager.

Study Units

Mandatory Units:

  • Strategic Management (20 credits)
  • Strategic Leadership (20 credits)
  • Strategic Human Resource Management (20 credits)
  • Advanced Business Research Methods (20 credits)

Optional Units (Choose any two):

  • Strategic Financial Management (20 credits)
  • Supply Chain and Operations Management (20 credits)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (20 credits)
  • Globalisation and Corporate Governance (20 credits)
  • Strategic Change Management (20 credits)
  • Strategic Marketing (20 credits)
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