Call our Experts or simply fill Quick Enquiry form on our website to know complete process, start to end.

No, it is not mandatory for Malta. You must know Basic English only.

You simply need to fill assessment form on our website & upload your relevant documents. We will immediately process your application very smoothly, once it is approved after internal review by our expert team.

You must call Noida Head Office: +91 7428898173/74/75 || North India: 9896518715 || South India: 9618025077 and ask our Experts, they will guide you best courses & colleges based on your suitability & affordability.

Every College has different fee structure based on courses & duration, call our experts or fill enquiry form on our website immediately to know more.

Yes you can avail form any bank of your choice; our team will assist you once you register with us.

Please fill an assessment form on our website & apply for Offer Letter directly on website, by paying 250 Euro application fees to reserve your seat in college.

Once your offer letter is received, we will book your appointment in Malta Embassy for an interview; your visa will be stamped in 7 working days.

January 2021

You need to be 10th Pass at least and fill assessment form on our website.

Yes, you will get TRP card (Temporary Resident Permit) in 2 months, this allows you to work in Malta.

You can easily get a good a job in Malta or relocate yourself to any European country for work such as Italy/ Germany/ France. You can also apply to any western country of your choice for example USA / Canada/ UK/ AUS/ NZ etc.

Malta is your Gateway to the world

No problem, you can still apply for Malta Study Visa

Yes once your Malta visa is stamped you can travel to entire Europe & Schengen countries easily.

Our team will assist you, once you registered with us and apply for admission.

Yes most definitely, we will ensure smooth visa processing for you.

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