Going to another country to study abroad is a big deal. Therefore, it is extremely important that you perform diligent research to find a right college / university that suits your Academic and Professional goals.International students often underestimate the amount of time required to apply for admission to a college or university in Malta.

Student will need to allow VMARS team a sufficient time to thoroughly research the institution and/or program that will best serve your academic and professional goals.

Then you must meet the application deadlines of the college / university to which you apply

Step by Step Process

The Student needs to register with VMARS Career Consultants Pvt.Ltd.
Submit his/her original documents to VMARS Career Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Office

Step 1

Please send the following documents to VmarsStudyVisa@gmail.com

1. Application Form duly filled and signed by the student
2. Copy of Passport
3. Completion/Passing Certificate of Grade 10 onwards
4. Detailed Mark sheet/Transcript of Grade 10 onwards
5. Recent Photograph of the student
6. Experience (if any)
7. CV

Step 2

VMARS Team will share the best college / course options

Processing Time: 3 working days.

Step 3

Student and VMARS Team will discuss and make final decision to proceed…

Step 4

Issuance of Offer Letter

Processing Time: 7 working days.

Step 5

Student will Accept the Offer Letter &Student will transfer Euro 220 to respected college in Malta

Step 6

Student will make (Tuition Fee) Demand Draft or transfer

1. Student will handover original Demand Draft to VMARS Career Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Office

2. If visa refused, then VMARS will return original Demand Draft to Student, in front of his/her parents

3. After visa approval, student will pay VMARS Career Consultants Pvt. Ltd. service charges and Student will transfer one year tuition fee payment to respected college

Step 7

College in Malta will courier below mention original documents

Processing Time: 10-15 working days.

1. Letter of Acceptance
2. Accommodation confirmation letter in Malta
3. Tuition fee receipt
4. Undertaking letter to Embassy
5. Director ID card copy
6. Course content

Step 8

will start preparing Visa Checklist documents

Step 9

Main Documents Required for Malta Embassy in India

1. Visa Application Form
2. Education Certificate Apostille
3. Medical Insurance for one year (value 50 K Euro)
4. Passport all pages Notarized
5. One way Air Ticket to Malta
6. SOP – Statement of Purpose
7. Cover Letter to Malta High Commission
8. Aadhar Card
9. Bank Statement (6 months old)
10. Living Expense (Show Money) Rs 10,00,000/ (one-day-old FUND)

Step 10

VMARS team will Take Embassy Date

Step 11

VMARS team will prepare the student for Embassy Interview

Step 12

After Visa Approval, student will pay VMARS Career Consultants Pvt. Ltd. service charges and Student will transfer one year tuition fee payment to respected college in Malta

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