Study Abroad Pre-Departure Checklist

Once you have received your Letter of Acceptance from your desired college of international studies and have accepted it, you must think about what you need for your pre-departure. Things start to get real! In just a few short months, you will be on your way to Malta.


Make sure you have a valid passport. Your passport should not expire less than 90 days of your return to the Student Visa. Always keep your passport in a document pouch/ money belt, along with other documents/money, when traveling.

Student Visa

Follow the respected country immigration and study permit rules


Make sure you final your accommodation before your travel

Airport Pickup

You must know the location of your stay and/or arrange your pickup from host airport

Financial Aid

If you receive financial aid, meet with your financial aid counselor to discuss the adjusted budget for your time abroad and make arrangements regarding your financial aid transfer.

Travel Medical Health Insurance

Travel insurance is critical should there be any issues during your travel time. This can be purchased separate from your flight ticket, or at the same time.

Get your Travel Medical Health Insurance as per listed agencies under respected embassy/immigration. Besureyouunderstandthespecificcoverageand reimbursement policies of the health insurance plan(s) youelect.

Physical Examination

Have a physical exam at least four weeks before departure and if appropriate,haveadentalexamaswell.Itisagoodideatodiscusswith your doctor any concerns as they relate to your health abroad, including plans for taking medical prescriptions overseas ifneeded.

Medical Test

Get your medical as per listed doctor’s under respected embassy/immigration.

Emergency Contacts

You must have Emergency contact name and number in your country and the country you are travelling. You must exchange these numbers between both the parties and VMARS team.

Copies of documents

Take a set of all your education, experience, medical, visa related, university/college letters, visa pagecopies with you as well and keep in a safe place, separated from your original documents.


Convert your home country currency to the host country currency and if you are carrying the cards, then make sure your cards are activated for international transaction


Research your study abroad destination and any other places abroad where you plan to travel during your time away and read up on current social, political and economic issues of your host country as well as your own.

Packing Advice

Pack clothes for layering, guidebook(s), language dictionary (if applicable), battery powered alarm clock, backpack with lock, camera, raincoat, and some cash/card, etc.

English Language

If you have some spare time, practice your English communication skills. The more you practice, the better. In most cases, reality is quite different from what you learn in books. This is the final step in our guide for international students

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