Malta Pay Scale

Malta is an immensely popular job destination and thousands of Skilled workers & professionals come to Malta for finding the right opportunity in their careers. Besides excellent job opportunities, a great career potential, good lifestyle and a high income are the prime attractions of working in Malta. If you plan to work in Malta, our Malta salary guide will help you get a good idea about the earning potential in Malta.

It is our endeavor to reflect on the trends that can help candidates to make informed decisions however it must be kept in mind at all times that this table cannot be held as a benchmark owing to multiple variables that decide the final outcome. On the company’s side, they differ in terms of the role offered, the deliverables expected from a candidate, the KPI’s, the pay structure and impetus given to a particular skill.

The salary range for people working in Malta is typically from

875.00 EURO to 3,300.00 EURO

On the candidate’s side attributes like Functional specialization, Industry /Sector, Nationality, Education, Professional Training and certification, Personal Confidence can drastically alter the final salary outcome.

Malta Pay Scale (per month)

CategoryExperience (In Years)Salary Range (EURO)
Entry level0700 – 875
Fresher level0-2800 – 950
Junior level3-5 (outside EU)900 – 1050
Junior level3-5 years (within EU)1000 – 1150
Mid Career6-8 years (outside EU)1100 – 1200
Mid Career6-8 years (within EU)1250 – 1400
Senior Management9-12 years (outside EU)1350 – 1500
Senior Management9-12 years (within EU)1450 – 1650
Executive level15+ years (outside EU)1500 – 1800
Executive level15+ years (within E)1500 – 2200
Top Management25+ years (outside EU)2000 – 2500
Top Management25+ years (within EU)2200 – 3300

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